Anne Arundel County Muslim Council

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Alsalam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters, 

The AACMC goal is to empower the Muslims with requisite skills and knowledge to participate politically and socially in their communities and provide support and guidance to their peers. Our Mission Statement includes but not limited to:

1. Educating American Muslim in community relations and Interfaith dialogue.

2. Role of American Muslim in correcting current misconceptions about Islam especially the role of women in its practices.

3. American Muslim can promote the well-being of Muslim community and increase their participation in civic affairs which needed now more than ever.

4. Making non-Muslim in America understand the reasons for social practices by Muslim women such as hijaab, niqaab, blind obedience for Allah (SWT) Commands.

5. Enabling American Muslims to take care of their needy and aged relatives in non-Muslim communities through expanded social services

We the American Muslim need a forum for the effective enjoyment of the civic and political rights, it is hereby resolved to establish on a countrywide basis League of American Muslim to intensify their participation in all of our nation building activities.